geekinglikeaboss and grooot requested tony stark.

(i like to imagine loki not understanding why tony keeps on insisting giving him a phone until the first day tony is out of country and loki receives this photo and basically that’s the story of how loki and his phone become inseparable. also loki will, as clint can attest to, try to bite your hand off if you try to snatch it off him.

bonus round: tony finds loki looking up cute cat videos and pictures on several occasions.)

And I believe I promised a ficlet for every FistIron pic you draw.

Tony grinned, setting up the camera on the dresser and backing up, trying to get the angle just right. He turned on the light by the night stand, then decided he didn’t like the shadows and turned it back off. Instead he opened the curtain, letting the room get just a little more natural light while his reactor did the rest.


"Yes, sir. Ready when you are."

"Okay…hold up." He sunk his thumbs into the tops of the briefs, tugging them down just enough for the base of his cock to peek out over the hemline. "JARVIS freeze frame." There was the sound of a camera click.

"Arguably your best portrait yet, sir." said the AI in the most sardonic tone.

"Oh yeah. TIME’s magazine worthy." Tony grinned like a school boy. "Send it to Snowflake there would you?" he said, not bothering to readjust his undies as he picked up the phone, watching as it left the picture message on Loki’s phone back in the states. "See ya soon Lokes."

wait whaaat, that was for all frostiron pics and not just the 30 day (that’s slowly turning into a 30 year) challenge?

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Prints for Comifuro 4 and Popcon Asia 2014

might add Mizuki/Virus/Trip/Sei later!

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There is not enough dirty art of elsens

there is not enough dirty OFF art

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hairy strapass

黃長瀨 紬

by Cerberus

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